1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Twin Turbo


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1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

This build was one of our only projects that never really had an outline, proposal, or game plan.  It became an ever changing, evolving entity that initially was to be a mild restomod but soon became a fairly wild custom muscle car.  It started when one of our great clients purchased a 1969 Roadrunner at the world’s largest collector car auction, and upon arrival quickly realized that this car was not what he thought it was.  From its professional photoshoot, to under the bright lights in its 15 seconds of fame up on stage, this Mopar truly looked spectacular.  Under great scrutiny now, we found all the telltale signs of a poor restoration and questionable methods.

As HPI Customs was completely booked at the time with another pair of SEMA builds, the owner decided to take the car to another body shop to get the shell together.  After a lengthy process, the project came to a head and the shop withdrew from finishing the job.  At this point, we took on the build in its entirety and started to amass some parts.

All of these major changes to the initial plan took place over 2 years, and endured an entire shop move by HPI to our new location.  After two major SEMA unveils two years in a row, it was finally time for the Roadrunner to have its moment in the spotlight.

After SEMA Ignited and a mandatory cruise of Las Vegas Blvd, the Roadrunner made a fitting appearance in the Nevada desert for a photoshoot, winding its way down some untouched pavement in a Wil-e-coyote type chase.  The next spring, it was showcased in the Winnipeg World of Wheels and took home the Best of Show award as icing on the cake.  This third straight win for HPI Customs came from the last of three straight SEMA feature vehicle builds!

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner